Stucco over cedar siding

Hello, I have a small two stall Garage size cottage in the woods of Michigan near the lake with cedar board siding. I am thinking of putting stucco over the cedar to give the cottage a different look. Will Stucco, subject to the warm & cold temps of my region work? can I easily cover the cedar with stucco and is it or some other product more cost effective to use? thanks for the help. I am looking for a new way to give the place a great new look with out high maintenance.

Stucco is real popular in Minnesota, near you, with about the same climate.

We have stuccoed over cedar siding a lot lately. You can go right over the old siding, but you need to avoid a few problems

Cedar siding was a popular material a few years back. Like other trends, it has died out. For example, T-111 plywood that was popular in the 70's (remember the ski chalet look ?). Another trend was simulated stone like permastone or formstone in the 50's. Don't laugh, I like formstone. I have to admit, most of it was pretty ugly.

Bear in mind cedar rots from the backside forward. It is important to check to make sure you ndon't have too many rotten boards. The boards can be replaced with other lumber, it doesn't have to be beautiful, you just want something to nail lath to.

Ledger board flashing

The most important thing is to make sure the wood trim projects past the stucco. Here, the old 3/4 board (one by) was replaced with 5/4 board, that is, one and a quarter inches.

If the window trim is only 3/4", you can replace it with thicker trim, or just add another layer on top, for example, a half inch board. Bear in mind, you won't see the joint anyway.

But of course, you'll want to put flashing over the windows.

Here is a link to a job we did like this:

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