This is EIFS

Reggie, We are so impressed with your knowledge and website, especially your kind help to all of us that have questions. We are looking to buy a house, and recently came across a grand, new stucco house. That was the first impression. Then as we walked around we found a small area of the exterior wall where the stucco fell off and a layer of plastic mesh was exposed right beneath. This is astonishing because the "stucco" of this house was just a paper-thin layer surface, as if it was just sprayed on. We thought stucco is a 3/4" thick concrete like material. We took a picture of it, thinking we can mail it to you for your opinion. And also if we tap lightly on the wall it sounds hollow, or just doesn't sound like solid cement. And this is a NEW house. Can you please tell us if this is really not stucco and we should stay away from this builder? We have just started looking, and thought we'd first check the product quality of a builder before making any contact.
Peeling stucco in Tuscon.

This is EIFS. What you see is a plastic cloth that covers the foam. It has two thin layers on top.

I would run away from this