EIFS mesh fails on painted stucco and concrete

Can you patch my stucco chimney ? There are areas that have bubbled up and are loose. The chimney was redone with EIFS mesh and EIFS finish a few years ago.

EIFS done wrong.
This mesh and EIFS basecoat and finish is made for foam board, not painted stucco or concrete. This method will fail. We have peeled off a lot of this mesh making repairs.
There is no way of patching this, without doing the whole chimney, preferable with cement mortar, a permanent solution. Patching the bubbles and loose areas will not only show real bad, but it is only a matter of time before the edges of the patch peel and fail.
There is a neighborhood near me in Fairfax, Virginia, where the chimneys were redone this way. Every chimney is bubbling up and coming loose after a few short years.
EIFS mesh peels off.