crumbling stucco

I read you answer to crumbling stucco.

The first coat of stucco my contractor applied to our house is grey. Now he has applied a second coat of colored stucco. This color coat is crumbly. If I run my hand down the wall pieces crumble off. I am assuming this is not right?

He has applied the stucco both times by hand.

More crumbling stucco

am building a new home. After allowing about 1 week in 60 degree weather for the brown coat to cure, the contractor applied the color coats. 1 smooth coat and a "half" coat to achieve texture. After 48 hours, portions of the textured stucco crumble to the touch. The builder says that the chemical reaction process takes several weeks to achieve maximum hardness. Is this true? Other homes in the development were stuccoed and turned out fine(the textured stucco is rock hard after suitable time has passed). I would appreciate a response.

Thank you

Richard in PA .

Toll brothers crumbling stucco

Thank you for the prompt response. I spoke to the builder(Toll Brothers) today. They stated that if in several weeks there still is a problem, they will have the stucco sub look at it. In the meantime, I would like to hear your proposed solution. The more factual info I have the better I can negotiate a proper solution.

Even more crumbling stucco

I hope that you can offer some advice. I live in Bakersfield, California. I had a house built three years ago and the stucco is falling off. It is crumbling and turning to powder when you touch it. The builder at first did not want to take any responsibility. After I contacted the California State Contractors Board he is willing to restucco the front of the house. He said that he would recommend the acrylic stucco. He is willing to split the cost of the materials with us paying 400.00. The problem is that there are many walls that are starting to turn to powder when you touch them. Some of the walls are very thin. We want to resolve the issue without going to court. The problem is that other plasters are identifying that there is a problem but are reluctant to put it in writing.

Yet Even more crumbling stucco

I just had my house stucco'ed. The final layer that is textured scrapes off quite easily. I can rub a hole in it with just my finger. A representative from Del Rey ( The Stucco manufacturer) came out and told us that it takes 30 days for the stucco to harden completely. I have had other houses stucco'ed and it seem to harden up in 24 hours, it has been 9 days since the stucco was finished. You can drag your foot down it and all of the texture comes off. Does it really take 30 days for it to harden? Not sure what I can do at this point besides argue with them about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

A lot of this going around.

Please read what I said last issue here...

Mortar was put on too thin and in hot weather, and dried before it set up. This happens mainly in hot weather, but there are other reasons, also.

We have completely eliminated this condition by using an acrylic additive, flex-con, half and half with water for the finish coat. The flex retains the water, or liquid you might say, in the mortar, even in hot weather.

Two step finish coats such as Spanish textures, are real problematic. White portland is super porous when it dries and can suck all the water out of the new mortar, preventing a proper set. With flex con in the mortar, we can even put the texture on the next day and have a solid product.

Another frequent reason for crumbly finish is using dead mortar, that is mortar that has been retempered after it had set too firm. Mortar that is real chunky should be pitched out. Adding water to chunky mortar causes dead mortar.

Mortar with a lot of acrylic sometimes "bucks up", that is, firms up quickly in a bucket. This mortar can be brought back to life by beating the mortar without adding more liquid to the mix.