Natural white cement finish in Honduras

Protect from staining

New stucco house in Roatan, Honduras

Hi Reggie! Our house is starting to come up. Finally got the logistics worked out for white sand and lime to be shipped from mainland. Now we were just discussing sealing and protecting it from staining while the grass is established. Would love your advice. Do you seal it? If so, how does the future whitewash for lime adhere? Here’s a pic of the progress. Any advice would be appreciated. Susan

Hi Susan
What we usually do is scatter hay along the ground close to the house. This should prevent splattering of mud on the wall. The hay needs to be checked from time to time because it blows away. This should hold you until grass grows. We have put plastic down and weighted the plastic down because it also blows around and rips. Hay may be your easiest to find resource. Lime whitewash will always bond as long as the wall has never been painted. I like the homemade scaffold Hope all goes well
Make sure you have goggles for the lime wash and keep a hose nearby. If you get this in your eyes, you can go blind. I have been to the hospital twice to get lime washed out of my eye.
Reggie Bullard