Stucco and simulated stone

on old brick.

Stucco on old brick in Washington, DC

February, 2017- Washington, DC-

These turn of the century townhouses were originally exposed brick, but covered with stucco probably between 1930-1950

Old bricks were soft and porous, and solid masonry walls leaked. Brick mortar before 1930 usually wasn't cement, but just lime and sand. Lime and sand dissolves in water, and requires constant repointing.

Stucco, and simulated stone stucco, like Formstone and permastone, was a solution.

Formstone in Baltimore.

February, 2017- Baltimore- Formstone in Baltimore.

Here is an entire city block covered in Formstone.

Everywhere is an exageration, like saying always "You always say that" or never "He never does that". What I am trying to show that it is surprising how much Formstone there is in Baltimore.

More about stucco and simulated stone on old brick...

A small amount of additional thickness makes a huge difference in preventing water infiltration and strength

This article from the Portland cement Association backs up what I have been saying for years.

These aren't just Virginia stucco problems

Non-Profit Stucco Links

Technical Services Information Bureau

A non profit resource for plaster and stucco. California translation: "Scrub" means stucco finish coat. "Putty coat" means white coat, or finish coat of interior plaster.

Portland Cement Association

Standards for Installation of cement stucco.

Kevin says a lot of things that need to be said.

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