crack filler This crack filler was made by Duron,
but other brands should give the same
      Ease of use
No mixing, already has sand, very little
skill required.
You may need to search paint stores, or have
it special ordered. It's not a Home Depot item.
Not perfect, but not bad. The cracks
were still visible, but inconspicuous.
Still, the cracks are very unlikely
to come back.
I stold the stars from Netflix
Just wipe it on and wipe it off. Ideally,
you want to fill only the crack

 and not the area around it. 
fill only the crack
cracks were wide These cracks were wide and required
coats to allow for shrinkage.
 Smaller cracks
just needed one coat.
 I just scraped off as
much excess as
I could.

Crack filler shouldn't be used if there are
loose areas or excessively wide cracks.

Also, this crack filler can probably be


There you have it, like Morley Safer says.

This is the eleventh in a series of  columns about stucco-cement plaster stucco.
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