Point 2 of my 12 point list of methods for reducing
cracking in portland cement stucco


                     Point two - Tear off the tyvek

Tear off
                  the tyvek
                      Tyvek is easily torn off and felt paper applied
I got an e-mail message from a third generation plasterer saying that
tyvek causes awful cracks. Click here. This set off an alarm in my head.
The jobs we did that had excessive cracking all had tyvek.

At the end of the day, we throw away the left over mortar by putting on
an empty cement bag, piece of plastic, or whatever. This makes it
easier to throw in the dumpster. I noticed when we threw away old
mortar left on scrap tyvek, it was always mushy on the bottom, and
never set all the way.

If you remember my Stucco Wrap test, I was trying to test what seemed
like a superior product, according to their advertising. It appears that the
mortar never cures properly, because water is trapped against the plastic.
Tarpaper, on the other hand, is porous, allowing mortar to cure better.

The tyvek is usually on when we get to the job for protecting the wood.
Tearing it off also allows us to inspect the framing and sheathing for
irregularities. Also, it comes in handy for covering sidewalks, doors,

I may not have discovered about tyvek it I didn't have this stucco
communication outpost in cyber space.
Who are you going to believe, a third generation plasterer or a Tyvek

Sarge says tear off that filthy tyvek Sarge says:
"Attack and destroy tyvek
for fewer cracks in stucco."