This is a message I would like to forward to Harry.  His email address didn't work. 


             In my own humble opinion, Atlanta got lucky the day you arrived.  Apprenticeship used to be the way knowledge and tradition were preserved in this country, but those qualities have been degraded somewhat by the arrival of a free-for-all marketplace.  The scope and sheer quantity of work as described in your debut job as independent contractor, bewilders my imagination as to how you were able to even find the right kind of people to work with you.  Did you do most of it
yourself, alone?  I consider it an honor even to be able to write to someone like yourself, and hope it may be ok to occasionally submit a well-prepared question.  My own background in the trades spans 20yrs, and is full of time spent working for every kind and manner of ill-trained "expert," then doing lots of homework attempting to distill the eclectic from the dross.  Having served a 3yr apprenticeship in printing, I developed a great respect for those who carried forth the time-honored traditions they bequeathed upon me.  Thank-you for your service to our profession,  sir.



Harry went back to England. Harry, write me, buddy.