About one coat "stucco"

Ask the pros- June, 2002
By Reggie Bullard



       Enjoyed your WEB site on stucco.  TOLL Brothers built a house during 1999 here in Chicago, IL. and closed in Aug. 2000.  The contract called for REAL stucco and TOLL marketing told us we were getting real stucco.  After we developed mold in the house and tested positive (50,60-90%) moisture on the shealthing (OSB), especially at the windows, we discovered we got less than real stucco.   We got something that was 2 coat, what they called hard coat with STO 1.5 Lit EIFS coating and all the trim is polystyrene, fibreglass mess with the EIFS coating (STO Lit 1.5).
Do we have real stucco?
    No, you got suckered by Toll Brothers.
   The material you have is called "one-coat stucco" or some call it hard coat "stucco" but it is not.
    Real stucco is portland cement lime and sand, including the finish coat. What you have now is a synthetic finish made from acrylic paint and plastic sand.
    This synthetic finish allows water to enter the wall, but not escape.
    The details are syrofoam EIFS that can be easily torn off with your bear hands.
   Here in Virginia it is fraud to sell a  house as stucco when it isn't, but people do it anyway. Fraud is a criminal act, isn't it?
     Toll Brothers just replaced the EIFS on over 140 houses with one-coat
made by Sonneborn, with the same synthetic finish that rotted the houses in the first place. The Toll Brothers homeowners won their lawsuit based
on the fact that houses sold with "stucco details" had no stucco details, but foam stuck on the wall. What were the foam details replaced with?
More foam stuck on the wall. They got screwed twice by the same people.
You may try suing, after all you are a victim of fraud.

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