How do I stucco over cast
concrete fake brick ?

Ask the pros-August, 2005

By Reggie Bullard


Cast concrete fake brick Cast concrete fake brick
Here the concrete was real slick and not very porous. A test is to splash water on the wall to see if it is absorbed. This concrete required chipping to rough up the surface and open pores. The roughing up was done with an electric chipping hammer. Black water proofing must be chipped.
A bonding admixture is used to bond the new mortar to the concrete. This is similar to plastering a swimming pool.
Cast concrete fake brick This concrete on this EIFS tear-off was plenty porous with open pits and holes, so it didn't require chipping. An acrylic admixture is essential, at least in the scratch coat.

Stucco is a good way to erase those fake brick you see on new houses. If the concrete is nice and straight, you can get by with a fairly thin coating.

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