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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- April, 2013

          Leaking stucco house

  Great website! I'm  hoping you can lend your opinion to our situation: about two years ago,
my husband. I built a Rambler home with a walk-out lower level, all  four sides are stucco.
We've been trying to   finish the lower level,  however, we've been experiencing leakage around
 our windows on three sides.
Our stucco contractor has come out to tear off the stucco, re-paper and  caulk and is now ready
 to apply the brown coat. Today it rained buckets  and is still leaking in places. Our contractor
says it's because  there are exposed nail holes and once the brown coat is applied, there
will be no more leaks.  Does this sound right to  you? Or should we anticipate the same problem
all over again?
Thanks for any insight you  could provide!

Stucco is a porous material and water will penetrate. There is tarpaper behind the stucco
to prevent water from contacting the lumber
 The reason your house is leaking is probably due to inadequate flashing,  improper flashing,
improper window installation, improper roof installation, fascia boards, etc.
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