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January, 2015


Fiberglass fibers for reinforcing stucco.
Can you provide more details on reinforcing fibers for stucco ?


MYTHBUSTER: These fibers aren't fiberglass at all, but poly propylene, the same
plastic bread bags are made of.
There are other products, such as EIFS reinforcing mesh, and mesh drywall tape,
that say fiberglass on the label, but aren't fiberglass, but plastic.
Fiberglass is made of glass fibers, which is a hazardous material, and I don't
think it is even made any more.

Fibers can be found where materials for concrete are sold. They come in a one
pound bag. We use a bag of fibers for 6 bags of Portland cement.

The important thing is fibers won't mix well in a mortar mixer, they clump up.

We dry mix the mortar in a mortar box and sprinkle the fibers on top.
After adding water and mixing with a hoe the fibers disperse nicely through the mix.