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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- March, 2015

Help please with a stucco question.

New colored plaster (stucco) has been applied to my backyard.  It is all
properly prepped with a brown coat and then the color plaster over it.

The problem:  The weather was very different on the two different days they
applied the final plaster.  Consequently the color of the large wall bar b
que is different from my low planter walls.

Can they do a thin skim coat over smooth plaster to correct the color of the
small planter wall area? Or do they have to chip it off and start over?

Thank you!


Mystic 25 percent (or 20 percent) more color secret revealed
Measuring half a box of stucco
Measuring one fourth a box of
                  stucco color.
25% is easily measured using three cups. A color pack is measured by measuring two equal parts in 2 cups.
Measure that half in halves and you have 25%
You can re-coat your new color coat, but the color will be too white without adding more color.
The color can be adjusted
by adding 25% more color and it will look fine. I got this from Maurice
at the Expo stucco lab, who says add 20% more. The
reason I go 25% is because  25% is easier
to measure. We have added 25% more several times and have had excellent
results. The color
has always  come out very close at not noticable.

If you add your 25% more to each color pack in the mix you will be alright.
Remember that white portland won't bond to white portland with out a chemical bonding

Without a bonding admixture your new color coat will shrink and crack and fall off.
My half and half flex-con to water mixture should work fine.