Estimating windows

Ask the pros- April, 2002
By Reggie Bullard

 When estimating the exterior of a building what is the rule of thumb for window openings? Are they typically ignored, cut in half ?

We figure them solid. The same for brick, drywall, etc. It takes longer to do around a window than straight across. If someone compains about a double
garage door being unfair, I'll trade it for a chimney or something.

Thanks for the info. We typically figure them the same way. However, we are doing some exterior renovation to a hotel in New Orleans where we are replacing brick shelf angles then reapplying stucco. The walls have quite a few windows and the architect wants to deduct them from the overall square footage.
Estimating windows

Look at all those window returns.A return is where the window is set back in the
wall, meaning the sides of the window have to be stuccoed,too. Sometimes
these returns take longer than a whole wall. I guess some people think this
stuff jumps on the wall by itself.

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