Todd Kennedy from the Palo Alto area of California sends
these pictures of these incredible plaster fireplaces and
range hoods.
These fireplaces and range hoods
are just too cool.
Each fireplace is a work of art.
I am really a finish carpenter but back in '93 I was pushed into making some plaster details
for a fireplace front.  Now I do about five fireplaces and kitchen hoods a year and I'm loving
it.  I work in the Atherton/ Palo Alto area of California and I get enough calls from the designers
that I work with to keep me busy with plaster for one quarter of the year.  I make my own pattern
knifes, horses and slippers and frame all of my substrates with metal studs and lath.  I do run-in-place
mouldings  and table run mouldings, cut them and plaster them into place.  The average fireplace
takes me about two weeks to make (a little less with a helper) and about
one week for a wall mount kitchen hood.
Check out the matching mouldings on the ceilings and the hearths.
The mottling and depth of the
color shows the color was
mixed in the mortar, or faux


Also, I have been spending more time  as a superintendent and I have taken the time to
teach what I know to another  carpenter who likes dabbeling in plaster.  Leo Murphy gets
credit for the fireplace in this (second) set of pictures.  We both love working in this medium,
the crisp detail and neither one of us believe in using foam.  We will use some precast plaster detail
 elements but that the only portion we don't make ourselves.
Interested in a fireplace ? You may contact Todd at

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