February, 2021-Woodbridge, Virginia

"Stucco and the Blind Man"

My new book

Chapters 1 & 2-Hot off the cyber press !

Like the rest of this site, my book is free and can be copied under the terms of the Open Publication License.

That just means, you can copy and publish what you want, in electronic media only, just give me credit for where you got the information. Print media needs my permission to publish, I need time to update to the latest info, because print media can't be backspaced out.

I hope I stay motivated to publish chapters 3 and beyond.

The title comes from 2 places:

"When the blind leadeth the blind, they both shall fall in the ditch" from Matthew 15:14, which is an appropriate commentary on today's construction industry, where the unskilled lead the unskilled.

Also, from one of my favorite expressions: "When I see a blind man walking toward the ditch, I am going to say something." which is my human duty to speak up when I can, to point out errors in the world.

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"Stucco and the Blind Man"

Thanks so much for reading all these years. Please keep those comments and questions coming in.

Non-Profit Links

Technical Services Information Bureau

A non profit resource for plaster and stucco.

Portland Cement Association

Standards for Installation

Your leaking house

Your leaking house is an excellent source of information. Ask Carl Brown, Mr. Bad Stucco himself

American College for the building arts

Old building trades are studied and preserved

Build naturally

Really for profit, outstanding mud plaster and lime plaster work by Sigi Koko

Stuctural stucco in Haiti

More outstanding work by Donald Stevens from Winchester, Virginia.

American Plywood Asscociation Video

A great illustration on why to space plywood or OSB.

Incredible videos from Vietnam.

A series of videos showing amazing stucco.

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