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Flashing over windows                
the importance of flashing over windows

No flashing over

Window had no flashing.
Photo of a recent stucco tear-off we did shows how no
flashing over a window causes rot BELOW the window.
No flashing over
                      window causes rot below
Swami Stucco

Mystic secrets revealed.

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Flashing over window
Stucco is a porous material,
like brick. Water enters the
stucco from rain and even
   Correctly placed flashing is
angled down allowing water
to exit and drip away from
the window trim.
   Without flashing water also
sits on top of the wood trim,
and soaks in the wood.
   You'll notice how on old houses without flashing over
the window how the paint
constantly peels.

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Incorrectly placed flashing
incorrectly placed
incorrectly placed

Strange stucco buildings

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This is typical of how we find the flashing on our
remodeling and new house projects. This is why
we go on and do the flashing ourselves.
Illustration shows how flashing angled backwards deflects water down behind the
wall and sides of the window.

Typical of new construction is a wide gob
of caulk over the window.

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder, but caulking
isn't really considered a decorative material,either.

Note how the caulking does more harm than
good by trapping water in the wall.

Artisan finishes: Don Latimer's great work.
Portland Cement Association      

Stucco Manufacturers Association
A resource for three coat stucco. 

Minnesota Lath and Plaster Bureau
A wealth of information

For an excellent resource on flashing, 
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