Another termite trap

Wood framing below grade:

Framing below grade.

Been researching My project on line and I keep seeing your E-mail so I decided to write you about my project and get some feed back

So I replaced a limestone wall with treated posts and beams to support a back porch. I back filled the wall with the Stucco I tore off the porch I am going to side over it and paint.

My question is at the bottom of the wall I want to use type s Mortar to stucco over some treated 2x12s that are on top of the dirt. I will wrap the treated boards in felt then builders cloth then I will apply mortar over that but will it be okay against the ground?

and should I put sand under it first or rock My whole building is

stucco below grade

, I also plan on repairing the corner with mortar

Also is it okay to use type s Mortar for the stucco. attached are photo's of the project

the siding will go down to a metal drip edge on top of the stuccoed 2 x 12s just not sure how to treat the cement against the dirt ?

You asked me, and I hate to hurt your feelings but..
This is a failure.
1. Framing below the grade is a termite trap. and a mold trap
Even if bugs don't eat pressure treated lumber, they can easily burrow under the ground and climb up.
Framing below the grade is exposed to excessive moisture, even if only condensation.
2. Pressure treated lumber warps and twists and the stucco will fail.
We had some stucco columns fall apart about 30 years ago over pressure treated lumber. We did a small wall about 5 years ago furring over pressure treated posts with rc-1 channel. I figured the flexibility would prevent damage due to movement. I have some pictures of this somewhere.
3. Type S masonry cement is too weak.
You can use type S one bag to a bag of portland, or a bag of portland with 1/4 bag of lime for a strong product.
You probably could form and pour a free standing concrete wall between the ground and the framed wall. This would be a practical solution.