Natural white cement finish in Honduras

Hi Reggie! I live in McLean in Northern Virginia and we are building a house in Roatan, Honduras.

We are required to build a concrete block house with stucco finish in our small neighborhood. I noticed our builder had included painting the stucco on our cost to build and I responded that I did not want painted stucco but rather I wanted natural lime stucco (white) like I had seen in Santorini years ago. I had seen instances of where the painted stucco had peeled and that the upkeep would require sandblasting in between paintings over the years. I suggested natural, lime based stucco which we can lime wash in the future. He responded that the local products they have used were *hit and highly recommended importing quality products from the USA.

So, my question to you is what product would you recommend? Any advice, or suggestions? Am I off base not to want to paint? I saw these manufacturers online but I have no experience to base whether they are a quality company or not. Appreciate your opinion. Thanks!

Please see natural products such as:

Picture from their gallery called Burman project. DECOLIME for the outside stucco. Fossil finish. I need to confirm this color but I believe it is Acier.


with Colonial White

Our Natural white recipe:

1 94 lb. bag white portland

1/4 50 bag lime

2 100 lb/ bags white sand

or 20 shovelfuls or 4 full 5 gallon buckets if you get bulk sand.

I am sure there is white portland in Honduras.

This mix is better than Merlex. Merlex would be super expensive and maybe impossible to ship. After all , it is mostly sand. The sand we use is crushed quartz, used for sandblasting and making glass. You can also use masonry sand, for a nice yellowish color.

Natural white stucco looks 100 times better than paint. Here is an example of our white:

Here's a house we recently finished in McLean, Virginia, near you. It is mostly a natural white :