Bad news: EXPO stucco goes out of business

I hope this isn't another warning that 3 coat stucco and my trade is dying.

Expo had a second to none color matching service which I have been dependent on. I could call Maurice in the color lab with a Sherwin-Williams or even Bejamin Moore paint color, and he would make and ship me a free sample. If I had a larger job, I would order a color pack and measure and mix enough for a sample block. I am sure they lost money on me. I hope that this isn't the main reason they went broke.

Expo started in San Diego in 1926, making stucco products like color stucco finish, and brush coat.

What brush coat was is a way to color unpainted stucco. Brush coat was a mix of portland cement and stucco color that was mixed with water and applied with a brush. This is just like fog coat, which is put on with a garden pump or paint sprayer.

I visited their plant in Moreno Valley,California and found it amazing. They had chips on the wall of 1200 stock colors, and they made stucco finish maybe 100 bags at a time.

Expo went of of business before for about two months, about 5 years ago. They were bought by Rhino Linings who closed them in March, 2017.

Expo was a big company, so I am sure Expo's closing has an impact in Southern California.

My big fear is that I wan't be able to get materials, and fake low skilled materials like synthetic stucco finish are taking over in California and nationally