Synthetic "stucco"
EIFS garbage

Ask the pros- May, 2002
By Reggie Bullard



       EIFS Garbage (synthetic "stucco")

dear applicator ,
whether you may realize it or not , stucco is being pegged as a generic name for a four letter word in our industry . i can't believe that someone associated with our industry would ever say garbage about a product that when properly installed , performs better than any other siding. please be forewarned that you are loading the bullets in the guns of the industries that are trying to put both you and I out of business.

Jeff Shuck
Southwest Lath & Plaster , Inc.

The true four-letter word here is EIFS. It is the EIFS contractor that has made stucco the bad word. The phone book and the Blue book are full of "stucco contractors" that don't do stucco at all, making it harder to locate legitimate plastering contractors.

Houses represented as "stucco houses" are sold to unsuspecting home buyers. EIFS is probably the worst consumer fraud there has ever been in this country, and is unfair competition to the legitimate plastering contractor. I feel that it
is fraud to represent this material as stucco, criminal fraud.

EIFS is a low skilled trade making it easy to find qualified workers and produce quick job turn arounds, and quick profits. I think almost all of it is applied "properly", and still rots framing and sheathing. It seems very hard to screw it up.

I don't know who "our industy" is, but my business is promoting and preserving a proud tradition of plastering than extends back to the ancient Romans, and before. Plastering is applying plaster, including cement plaster, and not
some modern plastic material that comes out of a bucket

If EIFS garbage could stand on it's own merits, why can't contractors call themselves EIFS contractors instead of "stucco" (sic) contractors ? Why can't houses be sold honestly as EIFS houses and not "stucco" houses?

If you like synthetic garbage so much, why not change your name to Southwest EIFS instead of Southwest lath and plaster?
Let's be honest here.

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