It's not traditional and it's
not stucco

Ask the pros-December, 2003
By Reggie Bullard



     It's not traditional and it's not stucco
 We are having a home built in Dominion Valley sub-division in Haymarket,
VA. by Toll Brothers.  They will be applying a traditional two coat stucco over wire mesh and then applying the Sonneborn Flex-Tex color coat.  What do you think about this Sonneborn product?  Also, all of the quoines and window treatments are styrofoam with a mesh applied over the top and then a thin stucco coat over top of that.  What is your experience with this method? How long should it last?  I thank you in advance for any insight/information you can provide me so I can monitor the application of the stucco with as much knowledge as possible.  You have a really good web site, keep it up!

The two coat or one coat "stucco"isn't stucco and isn't traditional.
"Traditional" defined by the dictionary is an element or quality
passed down from generation to generation. One coat stucco
hasn't been around until about 15 years ago, hardly enough
time to be passed down from generation to generation.

Stucco is defined as cement, lime and sand used to form
a durable coating on the outside of a building. Acrylic
synthetic finishes are acrylic paint mixed with plastic sand, or
plastic particles. 

Sonneborn is more synthetic stucco.
The synthetic finish traps water against the wall. The quoins are EIFS.
Toll Brothers lost their lawsuit because they advertised "stucco details" when the quoins, etc. were EIFS.
Now they are putting on the same EIFS details.
I think you are being taken advantage of.

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