Re-color coat or paint

Ask the pros- August, 2001
By Reggie Bullard

Reggie, I am getting ready to re-paint my Grandparent's home and am trying do decide how to go about re-doing the plaster. The home was built in 1954 and the color-coat has been painted over one time. I would like to re-colorcoat instead of painting. Is this a good idea? I've never been an advocate of painting existing plaster. It just doesn't seem as nice as a new color-coat. What do you suggest?....Thank you for your time and effort 

                 There is no doubt a new color coat is 
                 superior- but you need to decide if it is worth the 
                 trouble. Since the house has been painted you 
                 will need to sandblast the old paint off. 

                 Sandblasting is the best way. People who 
                 do swimming pool work usually do sandblasting. 

                 You want to make sure everything is covered real 
                 good with tape and heavy plastic. The tiniest amount 
                 of overspray can ruin your window glass, not 
                 to mention bricks, wood trim, etc. 

                 You can rent a sandblaster, tow-behind 
                 compressor, and space helmet with an 
                 air supply line for about $ 150 a day. 
                 Plus you will need scaffolding. I would 
                 set up scaffold one day and sandblast the 

                 It is a real chore. Don't do it yourself 
                 unless you can't find anybody. 

                 Your stucco can then be fogged or 
                 re-finish coated. You can fog coat yourself- 
                 leave the stucco to the pros. 

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