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This month's column is
about chimneys

A new cap is put on an old chimney.
Chimney cap
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A view of counter-flashing and kick-out
flashing on wood frame chimney.
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Next month:
Stucco News visits Atlanta to see some 
 incredible ornamental plastering by
Harry Davenport
Absolute Plastering
Ornamental plaster by Harry Davenport
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Ask the pros
by Reggie Bullard

I get at least 3 good questions a week. Here are a couple. I try to answer everybody.
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Expansion joints
In the attaching of the lath, the installer has placed an expansion joint everywhere around the house between the first and second floors...
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  Re-color coat or paint ?
I've never been an advocate of painting existing plaster. It just doesn't seem as nice as a new color-coat.
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water coming in the (EIFS) house...we have lost everything..
Our house was supposed to have stucco, according to plans, however, ...
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