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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- March, 2012

How was permastone done ? (continued)

                          was permastone done ?
Who said permastone is ugly ?

Simulated stones were used as a finish on the bottom floor,
and used for decorative quoins and exposed stones in this
combination simulated stone and conventional stucco application
in McLean, Virginia. This was probably done in the 1960's.

For an excellent article on the history of Formstone, (and permastone, etc.) please click here.

Another method of applying the stones was buying tm pre-made and sticking them up.
Manufacturers sold the pre-made stones and shipped them to the jobsite. This explains permastone applications where
the stones are identical, with maybe 3 or 4 stones repeating themselves.

Another method was hand tooling the stones. The stone joints were hand tooled in the brown coat, and colored
by a color finish. This method was evident on close examination or the stones.

Like many other building trends, permastone has become obsolete. Remember T-111 plywood from the 70's ?
Unlike T-11, permastone is an incredibly durable finish, as evidenced by how much still is in place.