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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- March, 2012

                               Stucco over spalling brick

  I have a 41 year old house that is half brick  and half vinyl siding. Many of the bricks have deteriorated and the
 faces have chipped off. Could you answer the following questions:
Would having stucco professionally applied to the brick be a vialble alternative to replacing the brick or covering the
 brick walls with siding?
I live in Northern Virginia, so it is humid here and we get rain, I have heard stucco is better for dry climates. Is it ok
 to have stucco in moist climates?

What does stucco cost ?
spalled brick

We coat over spalling bricks:

Scroll down to Reston.

We have done several chimneys in Arlington,where
the bricks were bad when they came out of the factory.

What it costs to stucco a chimney depends on much it
costs to set up a scaffold.

For years, stucco has been the solution for spalling bricks.

stucco over spalled brick

We ended up doing the work and here it is: