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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- January, 2013

    What is the difference between

stucco and parging ?

Parging is cement mortar applied to block or brick just to cover the masonry and really doesn't matter what it looks like.
Stucco is cement mortar applied to block or brick or other surfaces as a decorative finish that matters what it looks like.
Parging in Dale City, Virginia

Sometimes parging is put on blocks and

painted, like on this house in Dale City, Virginia.
The block joints usually show through, and the mortar is sort of evened out with a brush.

Stucco over parging

If parging has been painted, the paint must be chipped off or removed before
stucco application, like on the back of this town house in Springfield, Virginia.
Unpainted parging can be scored and stucco applied using a bonding admixture. Most of the time,
parging is pretty soft because it has a lot of sand in the mix, usually 3:1 or greater. Remember, sand is a lot cheaper than cement.
Please check oput some of our jobs where we have stuccoed over parging: