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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- January, 2013

          Magic trick for white splotches in color coat

It snowed the day after we put on our new color coat and there are white splotches on the wall.
Can this be fixed without fog or recoating the wall ?
White splotch in stucco color
White splotch corrected in
                  stucco color coat
Not too bad but not too good. It rained the night after
we put on the finish coat. The water running off the
roof splotched the color coat.
Much better after applying a sealer.
rain messes up stucco finish
Solution for white splotch in
                  stucco color coat
The cause was water running off this steep roof the
same night after we put on the color. The gutters and downspouts weren't on yet.
Magic: Spraying the splotch with Thompson's water seal
made the splotch disappear like magic.

Splotching is a particular concern in cold weather, for example when the temperature doesn't reach 45 degrees and finish
is applied without using a heat tent. It may take 3 days or so for the finish to set up all the way, so if it rains in the meantime
you may have splotches on the wall.

How does the Thompson's work ? I think it has something to do with hydrating the molecules, but I really don't know.
But it works like magic. Maybe more like Voodoo.

Sometimes, we put on termporary downspouts and gutters until the finish sets up for a few days.
In extreme cold, we heat the wall fcr 2-3 days after the finish is applied.

The Thpmpson's clear multi-surface waterproofer is the ticket, however there are other sealers. I used another brand
once that left the wall too dark.