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-- May, 2014


Stucco Fence

We have an all stucco house in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City), with an elevated lot.
We want to replace our old cedar fence, and wanted to do a stucco fence.
Are there Cement Board products now that can be used for fencing?
 and do you know how I can source information on them?
Thanks so much for the website and I appreciate any help.


We stuccoed a fence 10 years ago over pressure treated lumber that
is in bad shape. We used furring channels with the idea the furring
would flex with any movement with any normal twisting or warping
of the Pressure treated lumber.

The fence now is excessively cracked.

A suggestion is to use re-bar and tie metal lath to the
re-bar and stucco on the lath.

The re-bar should be cheap and provide good reinforcement
for the mortar.

I am sending a web link for a fence done this way,
which looks like an excellent method, even though I have never
done it.