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Ask the pros- October, 2001
By Reggie Bullard

Comments from readers.
Thanks for the input.

My husband & I hope to build in a couple years & always wanted to do the exterior in stucco (traditional) ourselves. We won't have much money & it seems an economical but sturdy way to go. I'm researching like crazy so that we're not completely ignorant, & I ran across this:
Have you had any experience or feedback on Tyvek StuccoWrap? I've read your web page & know not to use regular Tyvek, but is this any improvement?
Thank you for any info you may return.

Thanks for the info. I just tore the  tyvek off of two additions and put up 
tarpaper. I have never used stucco wrap. We plan to start a big house that mostly  has tyvek, but has stucco wrap on part of it. I don't trust it because I am a hard  head and do things the old fashioned way. Economically, it is cheaper for me to leave the stucco wrap and not buy the tarpaper. I am going with the tarpaper until I  can experiment with stucco wrap. 
To give it a fair shake I plan to put some left over mortar on the stucco wrap, 
let it set for a few days and see if the mortar next to the stucco wrap has set up all the way and isn't soft and green. For now I'm using tarpaper. It is only $8  a roll and has been used for years. 
I haven't used stucco wrap, but don't plan to until I can check it out. 
This looks like an excellent product, according to the data on their web site.
  Come back in the future and see my Stucco Wrap test.

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