Stucco floors

Ask the pros- October, 2001
By Reggie Bullard

Incredible but true. I have been plastering seamless cement plaster floors for the past five years that are only
3/4" thick without the use of poultry mesh reinforcing (or any other reinforcing). The wet plaster is finished off
with a smooth screed or it can be colored, stamped with patterns or acid stained.

I discovered plaster has a property that has never been exploited-it is impossible to crack plaster as long as it
stays in compression. By bonding the plaster to a wood floor surface (or any other floor surface) which is always
in compression, that compressive property is imparted to the plaster.

Attached are some recent completed jobs. They install in hours and can be in use the next day or two. Wear
resistance is excellent--as good as concrete.

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Stucco floors

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