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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- October, 2015

Hiding expansion joints in stucco

We are building a home in Chattanooga, TN. When we asked for “stucco” we had no idea all that is
involved with stucco. Long story short, after many weeks of back and forth it was clear I wanted
smooth stucco WITHOUT expansion joints. But my builder and stucco contractor said I had to have
the joints due to the “quick growth” framing underneath. We have discussed possible options to
hide the joints like using caulk or at least putting the paint in there are wiping it out to
 help hide.
 Is there any way you know of to hide these “necessary" joints?

I think expansion joints are ugly. They were never used in stucco
prior to the 1950's. We mainly do work on old houses that never had
expansion joints, so I don't really see the necessity if expansion joints
weren't used in the 1930's.
To me the best means of controlling expansion is by using weep screeds or
weep grounds at the bottom of the wall.
One method of hiding joints we used when a homeowner insisted
on a horizontal joint is by using a decorative band just
below the joint so you can't see the joint.