Ask the pros- February, 2002
By Reggie Bullard

            About 25 years ago I had a house with white california stucco on it. The stucco job was a poor job and needed to be sealed. My uncle who is 88 years old used to work for a local cement company here and had given me
a formula for sealing and whitening california stucco. Over the years I have lost the formula and am in need of it for a friend with a similar problem. To the best of my recollection the formula consisted of
-3 gallons of luke warm water mixed with 3 lb. of salt
-10 lb. of hot lime mixed gradually into the luke warm water
-1 lb of clear paraffin wax poured in during the process of mixing the hot lime and the water
-1 lb of lard melted and pored in during the mixing process
    The above were mixed in a metal container as the mixture becomes quite hot during the process. Once finished and the mixture is cooled it can be stored in plastic containers and sealed. The mixture remains in this state until ready to be used.
  When ready to use take 1 gallon of the formula and mix in 10 lb. of white portland cement, use electric paddle to thoroughly mix. Apply the resulting mix with a whitewash brush to the stucco. The stucco should be wet when applying as this encourages the mix to penetrate into the stucco. The end result is a brilliant waterproof mixture that lasts for
years. This mixture can also be applied to colored stucco and the end result is a brilliant white finish that is an unbelievably waterproof finish.
  Wondering if anybody has heard of this formula and if so do I have the right amount of the different components.

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