How long to let stucco
cure before painting ?

Ask the pros- March, 2002
By Reggie Bullard


    I have new stucco on exterior of the house. Can you tell me how long it's supposed to cure/dry before it's painted? The temp is 40-70 degrees.

It's a matter of opinion.
  I have heard 90 days which is ridiculous, and have seen people paint after a week.
 I say 2 weeks is fine providing the average
temperature is warm enough to evaporate water, and the brown coat set for a week or so before the finish was applied.

If it was my house, and I wasn't under pressure, I would
 let it sit 30 days and only paint when it
was warm outside.

    If you paint way to soon, you risk the paint peeling off prematurely. Also, portland cement doesn't reach
it's peak strength until about 30 days.

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