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Info on Stucco and Plastering--July, 2001 -first issue !


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  Decorative bandsStucco bands
Decorative band is used on this historic house to divide the new stucco from the basement.
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Pebble dash band
Pebble dash stucco house has band
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Next month:
Stucco chimneys-maintenance, 
stuccoing, flashing. Please check back.

Ask the pros
by Reggie Bullard

I get at least 3 good 
questions a week.Here 
are a couple. I try to 
answer everybody. 
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Leaking Stucco
I am writing after visiting your website. I have a problem with my 60 year  old stucco home in Minnesota. I have two dormers stuccoed. They leak into the attic space. Each dormer leaks in front of the window. ..
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portland cement paint for stucco

I need to paint my house (built and stucco'ed in the 1950's).  I've read that portland cement based paint...
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I got called to investigate a badly cracked stucco installation ...
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