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Questions and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- December, 2015

Crummy coping in Virginia

Crummy coping in Reston, Virginia
bad coping in
                                  Reston, Virginia
                                  stucco in Reston, VA
Most of the patch work we do in Reston, Virginia
comes from damage from bad coping.The edge of
the coping doesn't extend out far enough to protect the stucco. In most cases, the coping is pushed in,
forcing water to run behind the stucco.

Typical of the ends of the party walls on townhouses in Reston, VA is deteriorated stucco or stucco
that has been patched.
I extended the
                                  coping out on this patch
Sloppy end of
                                  the coping
I extended the coping out on this patch we did. I do this different ways, but the idea is find the root of the problem and correct it.
Sloppy end of the coping on the house we just finished
is destined to fail.The end is pushed in and has 3
unbalanced nails which just looks stupid.
the top doesn't
                                  even cover the stucco.
There are no
                                  nails at all in this coping
The other end, or the top doesn't even cover the
There are no nails at all in this coping except at the
very joint. I did provide a wood nailer all the way along the top of the wall. Of course these people didn't use it. They just used a masonry nail down low which could break the stucco. This coping isn't even sleeved together.
They just overlapped a couple inches and jammed it down. I could rag on this coping job all day.

I feel guilty that I gave Shiner Roofing a good recommendation that helped them get this job.
 Not only does this coping look like a bunch of kids did it, my work will fail if it isn't corrected soon.
They refuse to stand behind their work and make it right, leaving the homeowner the expense of replacing all the new coping using a competent person.

Leaking houses. People who have 5 year old
houses having to throw away all their furniture
because of black mold. Bad flashing, coping.
Poor window installation. Patio doors upside down.

The building industry is marching, marching, marching up the
steep mountain only to fall over the cliff of doom.

Can I save the industry from it's impending doom ?
I am tired of typing until I am  blue in the fingers.

Can I be the hero and save our buildings ?

As the ragged masses are mindlessly trudging up the hill to the cliff of death, I discover a tablet.

This tablet, passed down from the ages from swami
to swami, has inscribed the mystic secret of all secrets,
the cure for leaking buildings.

With these mystic words, perhaps I can save the industry.

I poise on the edge of the cliff, tablet in hand, fearful of
being knocked over by the zombie like people. This can solve the disastrous problem
of leaking buildings and save mankind.

I hold up the tablet to the masses revealing the mystic
words of the swamis. The words on the tablet read: