Point 13 of my 13 point list of methods for reducing cracking in portland cement stucco



Point thirteen - Load down slate or heavy tile roofs first. 

I came up with thirteen, but this is a big one.

Heavy roofs like slate should be put on first, before lathing.
The shear weight of these roofs can easily bow the framing,
severely cracking the stucco.

I have seen small pallets of spanish tile on roofs to load them down before starting the stucco. Care should be taken not to load a roof
down with a huge pallet that would come crashing down right through
the roof.

Slate roofs are a heavy and slow process, but the slate roofs should be
finished first before starting the stucco.

This means areas such as dormers, chimneys and other areas should
be flashed by the roofers and stuccoed first. The the main house
stuccoed later after the stucco is done. Walking on slate should
be avoided at all costs, because slate breaks easily.

I have seen Spanish tile roofs done first, leaving off areas for walkways
around the dormers to do the stucco work. I don't know the procedure
for putting on these roofs this way, but I know spanish tile breaks even
easier than slate.

For more detail about stuccoing a house with a slate roof, click here.

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