Attaching a ledger board

Ask the pros-February, 2005
By Reggie Bullard


Hi, I have a question regarding attaching a ledger board to a stucco home. My wife and I are looking at installing a deck but friends instructed us we would not be able to attach a ledger board to our stucco home. What is required to attach a ledger board to a stucco home and keep it leak proof?

attaching a ledger board
I hope you can see what's going on. The plastic is to keep mortar from
splattering on the ledger and below.

attaching a ledger board toa stucco house
Here is a picture I drew with Windows Paint. This idea was by the superindent
for the builder. The two-by material provides temporary spacing for the deck boards. We didn't have to wait for them to be put on first, and didn't have to worry about the deck being damaged. The space created by the temporary masonite 
spacer provides relief from building movement and deck movement cracking the stucco. The masonite also gave us a way to nail on our plastic, securing the plastic with masonite blocks.

An existing stucco house would require cutting and patching the stucco.
Cutting a gap in the stucco for the flashing, and patching the lath and stucco
to overlap the flashing. 

attaching a ledger board toa stucco house
Another view of the masonite spacers. We use casing beads to terminate the

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