Point 8 of my 12 point list of methods for reducing cracking in portland cement stucco



             Point eight - Mortar applied too thin-less than 3/4"

Saving the boss man's money is no excuse. Hurry up construction schedules aren't 
a valid excuse either. On block walls usually cracks appear at every block joint
when the basecoat mortar is too thin. If one wanted to see every block joint, why put stucco on in the first place. This quick method may gain short term approval,
and short term profits that are quickly spent, but good work is what gets the next
job. I say be the turtle here- doing good work will always bring more work.

The standard thickness of cement stucco is 3/4"-7/8". True, there are
places that the mortar thickness is more or less, to make up for irregularities
in the framing. 3/4" should be still considered a nominal thickness.
Thickness equals strength. Thin mortar equals weakness.
Don't get gypped. Check the thickness while it's going on before it's too late.