Can I do this myself ?

Ask the pros-April, 2003
By Reggie Bullard

Can I do this myself ?
Please don't stucco your house yourself, unless you are desperate, 
and completely willing to accept the results. Sick and tired of looking 
for someone ? 
Try calling a building supply that carries a full line of plastering 
materials. They may be able to recommend somone to you. 
You may even try the plasterers' union, if there is one in your area. 
They may be able to recommend a good plasterer to you. 
Here in  Washington, DC area, tthe plasterers' union closed its 
doors a few years ago, when there was only seven members left. 
Now, the union plasterers work out of the Baltimore local. 

This is not a do it yourself material. Plastering should be only done by qualified 

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