Plaster from Wales

Ty Mawr from Wales comes to the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival
Natural paint
Natural paint
Natural paints
Display says: The manufacture of paint solvents is responsible for emitting as much VOC's as that produced by cars.
Some synthetic paint cna generate up to 30 tons of waste per ton of paint.
The paints below are VOC-free, completely safe to apply and ive with and have minimum evironmental impact.                                                   

Wood wool board is used for a limeplaster base.
They are made from strands of wood bound together with a small proportion of Portland cement.

                          wool board
Glaster is a lime plaster with recycled glass for an aggregate. Glaster
  Helps control condensation and damp creating a healthier building by controlling relative humidity.
  Enables other sustainable materials to be used such as wood, straw, woodfibre boards, clay and earth.
 Can be recycled at the end of its useful life and will allow other building components to be reclaimed.
Uniquely aesthetic by combining colored glass and
Reduces the deamnd for sand.
Reduces the amount of glass going to the landfill

                          split wood lath and bamboo lath
Hand split wood lath is woven in wattle and daub style
Wood lath is split and not sawed for additional strength. Also shown is bamboo lath
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