Ask the pros-August 2010

By Reggie Bullard
Holes in Scratch coat

Had a general contractor swear up and down that his stucco guy was good...
Scratch coat in review:
There are small (2"x2") places that did not cover the grade D paper.
30% of the overhead has no stucco applied to it at all.
One wall looked like they were running wet because the stucco appears to be drooping out of the lath.
Around 30% of the lath is showing.
Edges along roof line and some of the bottom are not done.
Do you have any references I can use if I take this to court that states this is a bad job and or my structure is compromised.

I am sure that this is OK. It is fine to have holes in the scratch coat.
The only reason for the scratch coat is to set up and partially dry to support the brown coat. Ceilings are usually difficult to scratch, and holesand open areas are to be expected. When a metal corner bead is used, the wall shouldn't be scratched up to the edge, or there will be no room for the brown coat.

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