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August ,2010  twenty-eighth big issue !


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12 point list of methods for reducing cracks

Absolute plastering
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Plasterers from Wales at Folk Life Festival
Plaster from Wales
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  Picture shows a wood wool board for support for lime plaster or stucco. Plaster is "Glaster", lime plaster with recycled glass for an aggregate. Lightweight
reinforcing fibers allow plaster to be filled tp this thickness in a single day, and is real durable. Marks are from people beating on it, to show it's durability.
Not really new news, this was at last year's smithsonian  folk life festival. Ty-Mawr shows off their very traditional, and earth friendly plaster products, Please click here to visit their site:
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What is a "Suction Bond" ?
A clear understanding of what holds plaster or stucco mortar is important in why this material works, and why it fails.

1. A mechanical key.
2. Chemical bond.
3. Suction bond.
    Suction refers to the absorption of water.

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 Ask the pros
by Reggie Bullard
New Swami
       Swami Stucco
Mystic secrets revealed.
I get at least 3 good questions a week. Here are a couple. I try to answer everybody. 
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Scratch coat has holes?

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Color stucco in Florida?

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Stucco down to grade ?

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Ty-Mawr Wales Earth friendly plaster and stucco from Wales

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12 point list of methods for reducing cracks