Portland cement paint
for stucco

Ask the pros- July, 2001
By Reggie Bullard


portland cement paint for stucco
I need to paint my house (built and stucco'ed in the
1950's).  I've read that portland cement based paint is the
best bet because it will fill in cracks as well as bonds
really well with the existing stucco. however, most paint
stores recommend latex paint.  And, I cannot find any
"portland cement based paint" in these stores nor do the
salespeople know what I'm talking about.  Do you have to mix
portland cement paint yourself out of the raw
ingredients???  I would appreciate some help!

Try fog coat from La Habra. 

Fog coat  is cheap and fast and you get your 
choice of colors. Follow the instructions on the bag, 
and put it on with a garden sprayer. It only costs 
about $29 a bag plus shipping and a bag will do about 1000 
square feet. 
La Habra only sells through distributors. 
Salmon Bay sand and gravel in Seattle,Washington 
is a good place. 

Make sure the proportions are about the same as 
the bag says or you'll clog up your sprayer. 
We had to hold the nozzle about 3" from the wall. 

2 coats is enough. 

If you want to, you can make your own, like whitewash. 
I have seen this done a lot, but never have 
done it. 
I am going to guess at a formula, if you like 
white.  You can blend mason lime with 
white portland and fine white sand. 

I would try about 1/3 each. Wet the wall 
down and slop on two coats with a whitewash 

Hope this helps. 

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