Accelerator for stucco moldings

Ask the pros- September, 2002
By Reggie Bullard


   Calcium Aluminate Cement as an accelerant
Phil Bender of Hobbitt Plastering, in Greenville, SC wrote me
about accelerators for use when running moldings for stucco.
It is available through LaFarge at this time.  The web site for it is  For suppliers unfamilar with it I have printed
up the page and taken it into them and said "I want some of this stuff".  They have a couple products, one is for concrete the other
works for stucco.  On the bag is says "Fondu".  It runs about 28 bucks a bag although shipping will push the price up some. Comes in 100# bags.  If you get some be stingy with it, a little goes a long way.  Mix it just like you would molding plaster and lime
putty, on the board.  You'll figure it out after the first batch anyway.  It works best in warm weather.

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