All styrofoam isn't garbage

Ask the pros- September, 2002
By Reggie Bullard




      One coat "stucco" on foam is EIFS 
Reggie, I would like to respond to your question and answer involving the guy from California who was upset that his 1 coat stucco house was considered to be an EIFS product thus should be considered garbage. Our company builds homes in the western Arizona market and has always used the La Habra  1 coat system as have most everyone else here, and I don't think any builder is under the impression that they are selling anyone a EIFS product, at least in the truest sense.  I was under the impression, and correct me if I'm wrong, that EIFS systems did not utilize weep screeds to expel trapped moisture and building paper/felt moisturebarriers under the foam board.  Also I was under the impression that the synthetic stucco they apply is only 1/8 inch thick. 
  Clearly, what I had read about this EIFS system, and its associated problems had led me to believe it is junk. With the 1 coats addition of a weep screed, moisure barrier,  expanded diamond mesh lath, 1/2 inch thick brown coat, and 1/8 inch thick color coat, I think it is unfair to paint both systems with the same brush.  In would also like to add, that although I do not agree with La Habras claims that their 1 coat system is as strong as a traditional 3 coat, most people would sacrifice that extra strenth for the insulative values that the 1 inch foam board offers, especially when you have 125 degrees beating down on your house mid summer
I appeciate your comment. 
I get to be closed-minded sometimes. 
Here the one coat stucco is done by the same people that did  EIFS before, and don't have any plastering skills, and the walls  look like the ocean. 
My main mission in business is to preserve a dying tradition using traditional methods and materials, but have terrible R-factors. 

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