New Orleans finish

Ask the pros-May, 2004
By Reggie Bullard


I live in New Orleans. I was wondering what
tool was used to finish the stucco on the old
buildings. The finish is very flat and almost
cork float for New Orleans style stucco
The tool they used was a cork float. I still have my cork
float, although I haven't used it in years. It is way too slow
The reason I know is I have been to your fine city twice for
the Mardi Gras, and was amazed at the quality of the stucco
on the old buildings.
Years ago, here in Virginia, cork floats were used by plasterers
to float  cement basecoats. This process was slow but provided
a very dense, crack resistent basecoat.
If you happen to use a cork float, never let it soak in a bucket
of water. The glue will dissolve and they fall apart. 
If they are kept clean they last a long time.
Somewhere in history, our forefathers decided cork was an
ideal material to float stucco with. Cork is great, but way too


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