EIFS gets hot

Ask the pros- September, 2001
By Reggie Bullard

EIFS gets hot

I am in some need of information about Stucco. I built a new house and my contractor convinced me to use stucco. He said that there is a new product out, sort of like a synthetic stucco (perhaps it was synthetic). I watched them apply this. First they put on a 1 or 1.25 inch of foam insulation and then a net mesh, and then about a 1/4" of mud or whatever it is called. As far as looks goes, it looks great. The problem I am encountering is heat.
Here in the Midwest we have had 95 degree weather for the last 2 weeks.
Well, using an infrared heat gun I went around the house at 9:00 AM with an outside temperature of about 85 degrees. Here are some of the readings I got.

Concrete walk = 82
Roof (elk) = 95
Stucco = 145 to 151 degrees!

The outside of the house was too hot to touch. Yes it was in direct
sunlight, but why would the temperature increase to over 150 degrees? Have you heard of this before?

This is synthetic stucco, commonly known as EIFS.
I have heard that it gets real hot. If it gets so hot,
I don't see where it has much insulation value in the summer.
EIFS brags about a high R factor, but has very poor thermal mass,
probably the worst of any material.

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