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Question and answers on Stucco and Plastering-- January, 2012

                               Inexperienced plasterers-false advertising

   Hi, my name is Chris Slane, I'm a drywall finisher.  If you have the time I've got a question.  My biggest contractor is doing a
  house that is mostly plaster.  He's hired some guys that don't  seem to have a clue what they're doing, they've been on this
  house for about 7 weeks, granted it took almost 400 boards of Durock, but it's getting ridiculous.  I don't know a lot about the
  plaster process, but they have been sanding in between every coat,  touching things up with drywall mud, and have not flattened or
  fixed any of the joints, especially on the ceilings, you can see     every joint.  My dilemma is my contractor is running out of time,
  and wants me and my partner to try to fix their mess.  I have no  idea how to plaster with anything except sheet rock mud, can you
  give me any suggestions?  I do know that what they call finished product is smooth like glass, but there is dust everywhere, and
  again, you have the joints showing everywhere, not to mention air bubbles and nicks here and there.  I didn't think you were
  supposed to sand plaster at all, and especially not after the finish coat.  Any light you can shed on the subject would be
   greatly appreciated.
   Thank you for your time,
  Chris Slane, L&S Drywall
Sadly enough, this is what killed plastering, inexperienced. These days, with the economy bad, drywall contractors and painting contractors are advertising as plasterers.
No, you don't sand plaster. The finish coat is troweled smooth. The surface should be so hard that it can't be sanded.

Drywall compounds are soft and weaken the surface of the product.

Plaster won't bond to durock. Obviously this is drywall mud.

This contractor should have checked the experience or the portfolio of these people.

I just checked 390 advertisements for plastering contractors in the Washington, DC area, and saw 3 names I recognise as
experienced contractors.

I think this should all be torn out and redone.